Brandon Marshall's Borderline Beast

Traditionally, the typical BPD sufferer has been stereotyped as a young and pretty white female who is over-emotional, manipulative, and hell-bent on destroying relationships.

Enter Brandon Marshall.

Marshall is a NFL football player and he doesn't remotely resemble any stereotypes.

His video Borderline Beast is a must-watch for anyone who thinks that know what BPD looks like as well as families who are interested in understanding this devastating illness from the point-of-view from someone who is suffering.

I've now met hundreds of different kinds of people with BPD. Most of them are high functioning, have families, stable careers, and are active participants in their schools, churches, and communities. While there may be lots of similiarities when it comes to behaviors, they are all unique.

Hope for BPD celebrates Mr. Marshall's brave revelation about his diagnosis of BPD and congratulates him on taking the next steps in his recovery.