My Hopeful Life:
A Weekly Email for Families and Friends

Many family members, friends, and loved ones I speak with are at a loss as to how to help someone who has been diagnosed with BPD or any disorder related to rapidly changing emotions and impulsive behavior.

Countless books, web sites, and advice from well-meaning people are often overwhelming and can give contradictory information.

Most importantly, the knowledge you're seeking is rarely from the perspective of someone in recovery from borderline personality disorder.

Tragically, family members are often the only ones remaining when a loved one is not in treatment, gets stuck in a cycle of blame, insists on being rescued, or is denial about the extent of their illness.

The good news? There are still things that you can do to help yourself and someone you care for.

What if you could learn more about what works from someone in recovery from BPD?
My Hopeful Life is designed for carers and friends who are interested in being as effective as possible in your daily life when it comes to coping with the challenges of having someone in your life diagnosed with a severe mental illness.

This once-a-week email is designed to give you the tools, support, and information you need to help make a difference.

But who are you?
I'm someone not unlike an individual you care deeply for. 

I, too, got caught up in blame, needed rescuing again and again, and didn't understand how my behaviors affected those who cared about me the most.

Since 2006, I've helped families and individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder get the help they needed so that they can get better. With all my heart, I believe in the power of sharing stories of recovery and hope.

While I cannot speak for everyone with BPD, I do believe that telling others about what worked and what didn't may sometimes help others who are suffering.

I want to share the things family members and friends said and did that made a positive impact in my life.

What kinds of topics do you cover?
I write about issues related to—

• verbal and nonverbal communication
• the potential successes (and pitfalls) of using rewards and reinforcers
• when and how to say no
• self-care for you and your other family members
• the latest research about effective treatment for BPD

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