One of the most important investments you may ever make is getting highly-effective treatment for borderline personality disorder or self-harming behaviors.

Do you have all of the resources and information you need to make this decision?

I am pleased to offer:

• Confidential and compassionate treatment consultation for individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or who engage in self-injury, their loved ones, parents, and other caregivers

• Information and research about evidence-based treatments for borderline personality disorder and self-harm such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT), Schema-Focused Therapy, STEPPS, Good Psychiatric Management, and Transference-Focused Psychotherapy

• Ongoing solution-focused and nonjudgmental support for individuals with BPD and family members

• Personalized recommendations based on your individual needs

• Comprehensive DBT treatment for Baylor University, McLennan Community College, Texas State Technical College, Hill College, Navarro College, Texas A&M students and for adolescents and adults residing in the areas surrounding Waco, Hillsboro, Bryan-College Station, Temple, and Killeen.

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We're in this together. I'm here to help.

Treatment of personality disorder has never looked so promising.

The task now is to determine which patient is best treated with which therapy and by which therapist. No one treatment is best for every patient and not everyone can treat patients with personality disorder.

—Anthony Bateman, MD