I work with the most wonderful people in the world.

Thank you, Amanda, for providing life saving, compassionate, progressive, and essential guidance to struggling individuals and families. Thank you, too, for doing it with a healthy dose of common sense and humor. If it wasn’t for you my daughter would not have found a dual diagnosis treatment center that was a perfect fit for her. I am grateful for your guidance, and for reminding me never to give up hope. I am also inspired and humbled by how you pay it forward all day every day. —GD, New York

Amanda, I'm blessed to know you! —KT, Texas

My daughter has been struggling for too many years. Thank you for giving us the hope that we've been searching for. —ED, New York

You have been an amazing resource for me when I learnt that I had BPD. I was so resistant and so lost and I just did not know where to go. —LW, Australia

Thank you for My Dialectical Life. —BA, Oregon

Amanda, I wanted to give you an update to share that we're seeing a significant improvement in our son. I don't know where we'd be today without the resources and information you gave us. We cannot believe the changes we've seen in him. —VD, California

I am a therapist recently trained in DBT. Have been running skills groups for six months now. Your daily message reminds to practice/use my skills daily and live mindfully. —CH, Ohio

When I first met you in 2011, you told me that I could create a life worth living and I'm really doing it. I was accepted into graduate school last week. Can you believe it? —SW, Florida

I find the MDL emails truly helpful and look forward to them every day. What you do is greatly appreciated. —JL, Illinois

I'm so happy that we found your consulting service when we did. Divorce would have been expensive! —TD, Colorado

I love MDL. —SH, England

Remember that God uses you to bless people via your My Dialectical Life emails. —MP, Arizona

Thank you for being authentic about your own past struggles with borderline personality disorder. —MS, Israel

I don't know if you remember Skyping with me last year but I wanted to let you know that I'm back in school and haven't cut myself in almost seven months. Recovery is real. —AH, South Africa

Thank you for helping me to see that life can be meaningful. —HS, Texas

A year ago today, my mom and I were doing a lot of research on BPD, and came across this website. In my last attempt of hope, I called the number off the website. This lady answered. A year later, this amazing woman is still behind me, pushing me, helping me to be a better person with BPD. She has never left me, even in my lowest moments. She has such a big heart. An amazing mind and soul. She also has BPD. I look up to her, she gives me hope! —SM, Oklahoma