Self Help for BPD?

The concept of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is often explained using an analogy of a burning building.

When we are our most symptomatic—engaging in self-injury or other masochistic activity, making suicide attempts, jumping out of moving cars, using illegal drugs or alcohol to dull our emotional pain, texting an ex-boyfriend hundreds of times in the space of just an hour or two—we're in the basement trying to get to safety while avoid the flames.

The first step requires asking for help and that can be absolutely terrifying for someone who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The second? Accessing evidenced-based care from a therapist or other mental health professional who isn't going to increase the overwhelming sense of shame that accompanies having a mental illness, desperately wanting to change, and then not being able to on your own.

I speak with wonderful people every single day who are ready to make this first step in helping themselves or someone they love. If you're alone and have access to few resources, there really are ways that you can help yourself starting today.

Are you ready to get out of the fire? Are you ready to create a life worth living?

You can do this. I promise.